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Bank Holiday Weekend

So, this is how bank holidays normally play out – rain! I guess we’ve been luck so far this year so I’m not complaining. Well, not really! It does create a few challenges when you’ve got two kids – one 5 and the other 2.

All I’m going to say is thank goodness for Lego and colouring pages on the Internet. Here are some photos, including the biggest pine cone I’ve ever seen, that sum it up … So far!





55/365 – Running

Image 55 of the 365…

I like to juxtapose different objects to create a strong contrast. What could easily have been a texture and pattern shot took on another dimension when the runner was included…


A photo of a battered door with an out of focus jogger going past.

It was taken in Edinburgh when I spent a couple of days up there earlier in the year. I wandered around shooting photos as I made my way slowly towards the hotel I was staying at… I took the long way round. Not exactly intentionally.

RPNphotos blog running Edinburgh not weddings

2/365: Spaghetti

2_365_Spaghetti | RPN photos 2/365: Spaghetti

Here’s the second photo in the 365 that will see me post a photo everyday till the end of the year.

This was taken whilst I was cooking at the end of the day – the kids love pasta and it is really easy to do… it also gave me a great photo opportunity too!

One thing you can be sure of is that hipstamatic will play an important part in this project…

Photo a day project

rpn photos | nottingham | Tom | photo a day project 1/365: Tom

This is the first photo in a series of photos I will be adding to the blog this year. The idea is to add a photo every day (if I miss a day or two I promise to catch up!) to share my work with you all.

Some of the photos will be from weddings that I have been the photographer at – others will be personal work that I want to show you… Whilst I love being a wedding photographer they’re not the only photos that I take!

The other thing you’ll notice is that I will use any camera that I have available to me -usually it will be my 5D MK2 or my iPhone 4 – I love the hipstamatic app! There’s a famous saying that I like to quote which is – The best camera is the one that’s with you.

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