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Gathering Dust…

The other week I met with an awesome couple that booked me as their wedding photographer. The conversation got on to the sort of things I’d had the pleasure of photographing in the past, so I told them about some of the gigs that I’d photographed. It turned out that they where at the first gig I ever attended as a photographer; David Gray at the Nottingham Ice Arena. After talking to them I thought it’d be good to go back and revisit the pictures that I took and share them again so here they are, hope you like them…

David Gray at the Nottingham Ice Arena 3

David Gray at the Nottingham Ice Arena 2

David Gray  at the Nottingham Ice Arena 1

I had an amazing time and it kick started my interest in gig photography which lead me to photographing people such as Ian Brown, Damien Rice, The Fray to name just a few. If you’d like to see more then let me know and I will get them out of the archive.

David Gray was a bit of a big name for my first gig as a photographer and I have my good friend Andy to thank for hooking me up with the press pass. He’s the same guy that built this website for me and as he’s helped me out a lot, here’s a shameless plug… If you like the site and are interested in hiring him, you can get in touch with him at Orange Monkey.